freaks of the sea


Freaks of the Sea are an alternative band formed in 2015 by childhood friends Alec Berkley and Chris Thompson. During their early childhood, they built their musical relationship jamming in the misty rain forests of Portland, OR. After years of distance and other musical projects, Alec and Chris reconnected in California while Chris tended to a friend holding on for dear life after a freak waterslide accident. Together, while Chris resided in Portland and Alec in Long Beach, they wrote and recorded their first EP, Mercurial over email. Combining elements of psychedelia, soul, rock and pop Freaks of the Sea are on course to push alternative music towards an honest, present depiction of 21st century life.

Freaks of the Sea recently released their debut Single, Hypocrite, off their upcoming album, Western Medicine on June 17th, 2017.



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