Welcome to the noise aquarium

Freaks of the Sea have cultivated a community primarily based in Portland, OR known as "The Noise Aquarium". This is a group of people who are influencers in their respective fields be it Film Production, Photography, Blogging, Audio Engineering/Commercial Music Production, Event Production, Live Sound, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Merchandising, Graphic Design, Branding, the list goes on... want to work with us?  


passing through pdx?

We are very plugged into the events scene in Portland, if you give us a heads up we could potentially feature you in one of our upcoming event series. If you are looking to throw a customized event, contact us and we can discuss logistics and provide a quote for you.

creative services?

Let's talk about your project, The Noise Aquarium is powerful.

Music Production, Recording, Ghost Writing, BEATS, Photography, Film, Design, Marketing.



Track Submission?

If you are an artist and would like to work with us, please send us a track link(s), photo, and some background.

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Track Submissions to: freaksofthesea@gmail.com